Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What to do and not to do when Jumping Rope

     My performance this lab was similar to that of the other times I had taught in my career here in SUNY Cortland. I felt like I did a few things well and others not so much. Every good teacher has some kind of hook. My hook related jumping on a trampoline with jumping rope. When I mentioned jumping on a trampoline I saw some heads nod and I saw other people with a confused look on their face. I guess you can’t win them all huh?

     Having good cues means you put thought into what you want your students to recall. My cues were one, two, three, tuck. Simple enough I thought. If you have easy cues that students can follow they’ll recite your activity easily even if they can’t execute the skill.

     Above all else having the ability to pinpoint would be the most important was to keep your students motivated. Having those not as coordinated enough demonstrate in front of the class shows that not only you want your students to learn but it gives them a chance to be in the spotlight. Giving encouraging words is important when your students are helping you demonstrate. Keeping everyone involved is the key and I felt I did that. Apart from that i didn't do a good job at all circulating to each of my students. I felt a slight distance as my lesson went on and besides that i didn't have any visual aids. Way to be prepared Mr. Steck.

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