Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Wild Wild West. . . Look out St. Mary's!!

     So for this weeks lab we had to come up with Western themes for games. Back in my old elementary school my phys ed teacher played this game called yee-haw tag. It incorporated a noodle and the person who was tagging was galloping with the noodle like they were on a horse. I thought well why not bring this concept into St. Mary's school and pass it on to them.
     One of the things i was afraid of was doing the actual game. When my TA told me i was up i had mixed emotions. When i started explaining the game i began to feel more comfortable with the enviornment. I want to bring my best to St. Mary's so practicing the game first really helped me to modify it so that it's not only the safest game but it may be the funnest. The funnest?? That'd be up to me and i'll do whatever i can to make it that way.

Looney Tunes come to St. Mary's

     To all my fellow bloggers first off let me apologize for not blogging last week i know you missed my stories just as much as i have. To prepare for the upcoming Looney Tune adventure we all had to come up with a game on the 16th for a cartoon theme. I thought about it and the first cartoon that came to mind was spongebob squarepants! I can thank my 2 year old niece for that one.

Thanks Gabby :)

     Anyway my game incorporated 2 teams one being team spongebob and one being team patrick. To sum it up my game i say a character and that team goes to tag the other team. If someone is tagged they join the other team until there are no more spongebobs or patricks. This i felt would be good for the run and hop skill assessments for this week. I wasn't able to do my game in lab but it's okay. Looking at Andrea's game helped me to realize that if the game is going to work then you have to make it work with your enthusiasm and energy. On to St. Mary's we go!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

St. Mary's the 1st week

     Coming into the first lab session at St. Mary's I was nervous about a few things. Especially with how my game would go since i didn't receive the document until the night before. When it was my turn to play my game i was hesitant because I didn't feel like it would be a success. From what i saw my emotions showed and I was really as motivated as i wanted to be for my game.
     Also I couldn't believe how hard it was to sit the kids down and tell them my instructions. I figured after 3 games they would be tired already and they'd be able to pay attention. I was wrong. I did get through my instruction though with the help of Mr. Yang. When it got to the game itself very few kids understood the rules. I made the game a tad complicated for them.
     This week thouhg i'm coming in with confidence. I have a game pre-planned and ready to go. This week's theme is cartoons and what better cartoon then spongebob? I'm hoping that this confidence will radiate off me and hopefully onto the kids because nothing would make me more proud then getting all of them fired up for the rest of the day!