Thursday, March 31, 2011

A new beginning to an existing dream

     Recently i have found myself in a tough situation. Running cross country and track for the past 8 years i've run into a mental block. For those who don't know i ran in the NCJAA national 10K race. The results of that race weren't great as i crossed the finish line last. Coming into this semester at SUNY Cortland i haven't had motivation to run lately.
     However with weeks gone by and began talking to my future cross country coach about running. We had a nice 45 chat about running and what is expected of me if i were to join. Also i have a room mate next door that i've gone to high school with who has run like i have in hgih school. She offered to get me back on track. Ever since Monday i've been running like my old self. I'm starting to get in 40 miles a week on my journey to make the Cortland XC team and run in a national meet again to avenge my last trip.
     To those who dream big keep striving for your dreams because if you keep up with it eventually it will be yours. That is something i want to prove during my time here at SUNY Cortland.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Howdy St. Mary's Howdyyyy

     For our 3rd lab we had to perform games that related to a western theme. Being in high spirits i dressed up just for the occasion except for my cowboy hat (still disappointed because of that).
     One of the hardest things to do was to keep the second graders attention. I tried asking them if you can hear me clap once and i tried to explain my game. Most of them listened but there were a few who didn't bother at all non the less i continued.

     As far as the lab itself it was entertaining. I learned a lot about how your enthusiasm influences the children and playing games with them was a blast. It was nice to get to know a few more kids to and having them smile and be energetic throughout the day helped build my confidence making me believe more and more that this is what i want to do the rest of my life.

Monday, March 7, 2011

An adventure at St. Mary's

     At the St. Mary's this week the kids experienced different cartoons charcters including batman and mario. They learned how to blow bubbles, and they learned how to hunt those rabbits during hunting season. As i experienced the 2nd week of St. Mary's i saw things i did like and other things i didn't like as much.
     For starters the one thing that upset me was someone in our group as he was explaining a game to the kids walked away because no one was paying attention to him. If this is your profession you need to take it seriously. I feel as if through St. Mary's we can see who wants it and who doesn't.
     I wasn't able to do my game. Part due to time and the other due to still being nervous. I haven't worked with kids before so this is still new to me. I'm hoping to rebound this week during the western lab so i can go home and successfully i did my best at St. Mary's today. This is what i want to do in my life and as much as i'm doubting myself i want to shine so bring it on lab 3.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Developing motor behavior beginning now

     This was the first presentation that the MonStars were able to create. As far as presentations are concerned I feel there were some positive and negative aspects to it. As far as main points i don't believe we covered them all, or we covered some main points more than others. Our main focus was to split them up evenly in time frame because not one point in Chpater 1 was more important than the other.
     As far as how William and i presented it i feel like we both did really well. He incorporated the class well and i tried to make it professional by walking around the classroom making sure everyone had their focus on us. Some words didn't come up like i practiced however this is just the beginning of what is to come. With more practice we'll be able to develop a solid presentation however satisfied with how the first one came about. As time goes on the MonStars will deliver and that is a promise