Monday, March 7, 2011

An adventure at St. Mary's

     At the St. Mary's this week the kids experienced different cartoons charcters including batman and mario. They learned how to blow bubbles, and they learned how to hunt those rabbits during hunting season. As i experienced the 2nd week of St. Mary's i saw things i did like and other things i didn't like as much.
     For starters the one thing that upset me was someone in our group as he was explaining a game to the kids walked away because no one was paying attention to him. If this is your profession you need to take it seriously. I feel as if through St. Mary's we can see who wants it and who doesn't.
     I wasn't able to do my game. Part due to time and the other due to still being nervous. I haven't worked with kids before so this is still new to me. I'm hoping to rebound this week during the western lab so i can go home and successfully i did my best at St. Mary's today. This is what i want to do in my life and as much as i'm doubting myself i want to shine so bring it on lab 3.

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