Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Wild Wild West. . . Look out St. Mary's!!

     So for this weeks lab we had to come up with Western themes for games. Back in my old elementary school my phys ed teacher played this game called yee-haw tag. It incorporated a noodle and the person who was tagging was galloping with the noodle like they were on a horse. I thought well why not bring this concept into St. Mary's school and pass it on to them.
     One of the things i was afraid of was doing the actual game. When my TA told me i was up i had mixed emotions. When i started explaining the game i began to feel more comfortable with the enviornment. I want to bring my best to St. Mary's so practicing the game first really helped me to modify it so that it's not only the safest game but it may be the funnest. The funnest?? That'd be up to me and i'll do whatever i can to make it that way.

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