Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time comes to St. Mary's

     Lab this week incorporated the holiday of Easter. For my game of choice i choose to do Egg-Extravaganza which included a basket of eggs and numerous activities for the kids to do.

     During prep lab i had different sets of motor movements which i thought of having the kids do however i switched it up this time aorund. Instead of running, jumping, and skipping i had them dancing, clapping, and stomping their feet. Trying to keep kids motivated and having fun was my main goal for my game although the kids spent most of their time reading the eggs but again you can't expect everything to go perfect.

     The eggs didn't last long either. I had at leats 15 kids ask me if they could have an egg and of course i gave them what they wanted. They were more excited with keeping the eggs then they were doing the activity i also had a child ask me for my mask it was quite interesting.

     What seperated this lab from the others was being OUTSIDE. It was amazing to see how much the kids came alive and how their energy radiated in everything they did. I found myself playing tag, swinging on monkey bars, and sliding down a slide (haven't done that in 7 years).

     What made this lab special was it didn't matter what lab group you were in, EVERYONE GOT INVOLVED. All of us took part in what was a lab full of laughs, excitement, and happiness like i've never saw before at St. Mary's.

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