Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lesson learned through Step Aerobics - Lab D

To this point in my teaching profession i've experienced different types of enviornments and found many ways to keep my students moving and listening. Apart from that these past 2 semesters have been an absolute joy! To say i've improved in teaching is an understatement. From the 1st day, chills have been running down my spine when i got in front of a group of students. To watch myself improve and provide feedback to a lesson i taught shows my growth as a future educator. Rock on!

With that being said let's talk about lab D and Step Aerobics shall we? A few things i've learned from this lab. 1) Not all students will cooperate when  you expect them too, 2) Your lesson may or may not go as planned, and 3) some college students aren't as mature as they should be. . . . say whattttt? Okay lets be honest, with these lab experiences i believe the class should be respectful to those that are teaching UNLESS, UNLESS, I say again UNLESS told to do so by the teacher! Take into account that i understand when i get out teaching this won't be the case however for LEARNING PURPOSES this experience should be a respectful one. Why talk about this you ask? Well a few students in my class thought it would be nice to be disruptive because well. . . . they simply felt like it. Out of all the things to expect, imaturity out of college students? Yep, they had me fooled and if my body language during my lesson didn't show it then i can sit her and type away how i felt. Hopefully people grow up in the future but i digress from this lab write-up.

As far as what i did well and what i need to improve on. Apart from lab C when i taught The Cha Cha i felt like my intro wasn't as strong for lab D. I thought i was creative when i came up with the instant activity of "no pressure" to simulate high and low blood pressure. This game took me forever to come up with but it went well i thought apart from the fact that i didn't tell the students they can't whip the ball at each other! My lesson itself was in shambles i'll be honest. My music wasn't hooked up until halfway through my lesson but if i can give myself a little more credit i tried to give as much feedback as i could with the time i had. I felt that the students i talked to got a hint of that and they thanked me for helping them out which helped boost my moral a little bit! When it comes to future lessons there is one thing i shall take note of. INTRA-TASK VARIATION. I had none of it the past 2 lessons and well to be honest i'm disappointed in myself. But listen to me feel bad for myself. As far as Eric getting kicked out of class, yes that may have not been the best way to go about it although i was following my rules. However to be honest i showed 100% respect during his lesson so to only get 5% in my lesson was a slap in the face. As a future educator i'm going to focus on ALL aspects of different teaching styles and bring them togetehr into my own masterpiece. It starts here and it will end when i retire from this profession! I look forward to it, Rock On!

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