Wednesday, April 13, 2011

St. Mary's receives a visit from the Dinosaur Train!

     The lab for this week incorporated the children's show Dinosaur Train. But for me the most important part of this lab was working with the pre-k students. Having 2 nieces i feel more comfortable around children in this age group because i've handled situations similar to this at home before. Although my oldest niece is 2 and a half i'm about to begin reading to her so i can have more practice come time to the teacher setting.

     One of the things i have been blessed with through motor development is coming out of my shell and bringing life to the students. When i sat in front of the pre-k kids i felt right at home. I couldn't find any books on dinosaur train itself however you can't go wrong with dinosaurs and it showed, the kids loved it!

     To have students ask you if they can read the book, keep the book, or even asking me what my favorite dinosaur is puts a huge smile on my face and confidence in my heart. This is something i want to do for a living and these kids are showing me that i do have what it takes to make it. Along with the reading, my lab partner Will had an ingenious idea of coloring dinosaur eggs

     I gave a student my egg that i worked so hard on. He appreciated it so much that i added on to me egg and the other side i didn't work on and he gave it back to me. During this activity the one thing i was happy to witness was that the children displayed manners really well. They asked for a marker saying please and taking them saying thank you. It's the little things children do that can amaze me. I hope i'm in the pre-k room 1 more time because they are an honor to work with!

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