Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goals for the physical educator. . . well chapter 1 questions

1) Teaching a goal-oriented physical education program is realistically up to the educators themselves. Every physical education program needs to focus on goals based on the three domains (psychmotor, cognitive, and affective). Students need to develop skills that will promote life-long physical fitness. Skill assessment is only a third of the battle. Students also need to develop the habits of absorbing the movement and thinking about it while they do it. Educators need to give them a challenging program that helps students learn to use mind and body to accomplish given tasks. Most importantly students need to have fun while they learn. To put it easily the more fun they have, the more they'll remember what's happened in pe. My teachers did a wonderful job in high school, i'm glad i learned tennis and soccer skills in college.

2)The movement task-student response unit is key in physical education because we need to know how were doing as far as teaching certain skills. Every student learns differently and it's our job as educators to modify our curriculums to meet the standards for each individual student. No one should fall behind which is another reason why most physical education curriculums fail.

3)Teaching functions are guidelines for teaching skills. All educators have different abilities and beliefs about how to execute certain skills. Two teaching functions involve planning and presenting tasks. One way to plan and present a task is teaching by invitation. The educator allows students to work with equipment and perform tasks they feel most comfortable with. Another way to plan and present is Intra-Task variation. This is where the educator determines the skill level of the students based on prior assessments

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