Sunday, September 25, 2011

Motor Skills of the 2nd chapter. The training wheels for this lifestyle we call Physical Education

3) Learning new skills require the mastery of easier skills. These prerequisites are the foundation of the fundamental motor skills. Students need to know the task at hand so they can adapt their bodies to different situations to accomplish these tasks. If the task isn't clear the students wont be able to learn new abilities and advance to more advanced skills. It's important as an instructor to provide proper feedback to the students as they perform different skills. Pinpointing is a great way to allow students to demonstrate their skills and it will allow them to stay motivated to progress in motor movment. Without practice the students won't improve. In simplistic terms pratice makes perfect.

4) Different skills can be classified in 2 categories:  open and closed. Closed skills are under spatial control meaning that they occur in a stable and predictable enviornment. Discrete skills have a specific ending and they are more effective in a closed enviornment. Discrete skills can be performed in a series. These are called serial skills. Open skills like those performed in a game like setting are done in a variable and unpredictable enviornment. Skills performed here are more continous meaning they are linked together with other parts or skills.

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